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Has this ever happened to you?

You've just settled down in your big overstuffed chair, with your favorite beverage at hand, a lap blanket and a great book.

You begin to read. The characters are very appealing and the plot is forming quickly. You're already wondering who-mighta-dunnit. At about chapter seven, after you're well into the story, the author makes a Jekyll/Hyde change. The bad guys begin to use more profanity than vocabulary. Then, the next seven pages describes the primary love interest's passion in excruciating detail. What ever happened to the romance of imagination?

You are now so distracted, you look at the jacket to see what made you pick this book up in the first place, and you think, 'Why don't they put warnings on the back of books?' Your conscience is asking, 'Do you continue?' You wish you had never started reading this book, because now you'd really like to find out whodunnit without compromising your good moral character.

Our advice, throw that book out!  Have we got a deal for you....

GOOD CLEAN BOOKS will list, review and recommend great books that you can read anytime, anywhere. You're reading experience will be rich and rewarding. We will let you know who the quality author's are, what they've written, where to get it, who should read it and why.

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